Outward Bound 2016


APRIL 4-8, 2016


Outward Bound 2016 proved yet again to be a continuation of our success with this project, which has now lasted 16 years.

We kept to the same format of 2015, and looked to send 30 students on the week long course.

This is split between, 10 UK students sourced by Rotary, 10 Dutch students sourced by Midden Betuwe Valburg and 10 UK sourced by Rotary, funded by Nottingham Outward Bound Trust.

Unfortunately, one student did drop out from the course, just prior to the start due to family issues, but 29 students did complete.

These students were sourced from:

7 – Oakwood Academy Bestwood, thanks to head of houses Hannah Lake

3 – the Ear foundation, either with hearing aids or cochlear implants

3 – young carers looking after parents or siblings

2 –  Girls brigade, sourced by Yvonne Stevenson

3 – explorer scouts, who gained valuable leadership skills

1 – student whose father was injured serving in the armed forces, sourced by Chris Rollinson.

10 – students from Pantarijn school Holland.

Rotarians attending the course were, Richard Shacklock, Neil Stevenson and myself. Attending from Holland were, Rob Luchsinger (Rotarian and teacher), ex teacher Marieke Bakker, and Bart Knols Rotarian.

The students were split into 3 groups, 2 groups being 5 UK and 5 Dutch whilst the 3rd group being 9 UK.

Activities over the week included, jog and dip, hiking, overnight expedition, leap of faith, gorge walking, rock climbing, sailing, jetty jump and further team building exercises. Days commencing around 7.30am and finishing at 8.00pm. The students were encouraged to engineer the team activities themselves after being given instructions by the 2 qualified instructors in each group.

Selection of the students and to which groups they were allotted to was made at the 3 meetings held prior to the expedition. Rotarians involved in this selection process were, Richard Shacklock, Neil Stevenson, Chris Rollinson, David Gratton, Richard Pannell, and myself.

Hosting of the Dutch party, thanks must be given to, Glenn Turner, David Houlden, Richard Pannell, David Edwards, myself, plus David Gratton and Steve Richardson who also hosted the welcome and departure meals.

Contributions to the week were also made by, Derek Brown, Terry Beale, David Curtis, Peter Radford, Doug St John, Bill Handslip, Ray Warren, Steve Bird, Gordon Bridges, Dan Mackdermott, Rob Lake who attended the pre expedition meetings and assisted with parents of the students.

A further meeting was held after the week to obtain feedback from the students and their parents, at which photographs from the week were shown.  Some of which is attached to this report.

Extra thanks to Chris Rollinson who provided memory sticks, onto which the photographs were put and given to each student as a memento of the week.

Thanks must also be given to the wives of Rotarians who hosted our Dutch guests.

Negotiations are underway with Nottingham Outward Bound Trust, Outward Bound Trust Aberdovey and Oakwood Academy for the 2017 week, which is penciled in for April 3-7. This could see the project increase to taking 36 students, as the course price is now geared to 12 students per group. I.e. 10 students will cost the same as 12 students.

Paul Berrisford

Outward Bound co-ordinator

p.s. Roughly counting, 19 Rotarians have had some involvement in the 2016 expedition.

I must thank Rob Lake for the involvement of his daughter Hannah and Oakwood Academy.