Welcome from the Club President - Andy Mason

Hello, thank you for taking the time and interest to learn a little bit more about us. We, that is the members or Rotarians, of Mapperley and Arnold Rotary, all live locally and have a wide variety of career backgrounds, skills and experience of life in general which we try our best to utilise to make a difference in people’s lives, whilst having a good deal of fun along the way!

For over 35 years we have proudly been part of Rotary International - the largest service organisation in the world, which currently comprises 1.2 million members in 35,000 across the globe. We’re keen to have closer links with our local neighbourhoods in Arnold, Redhill, Bestwood Park, Woodthorpe, Mapperley Plains, Calverton and Woodborough.

We meet every Wednesday evening JOIN US, please do come and join us.

Rotary Area of Focus

We welcome opportunities where we can make a difference, whether by hands-on involvement or perhaps some financial help to give others a start-up with something - be it of a charitable nature or a ‘good cause’.

We try and help schools or community groups in assisting with something to build upon in one’s development/self-esteem/mental health that can benefit individuals’ lives perhaps in education, sporting, employment or citizenship sense; sometimes it may be just helping them to be the best they can be in wherever life takes them.

As an example, we have for many years been offering school students residential trips to the Outward Bound Centre in Aberdovey, Wales and we chat with and entertain our senior citizens in the local Memory Cafés; we also support the Mayor of Gedling’s nominated charity each year.

We are involved in international projects supporting our charity, The Rotary Foundation in the furtherance of its 7 areas of focus. We are pleased to say that our focus on ‘supporting the environment has just been added- a very

Our primary focus remains here in Mapperley and Arnold

We focus ‘at home’, which is where we receive donations from local residents or businesses, normally, but not exclusively, at Christmas time. Our social media and publicity campaign for ‘Santa’s Tours-not knocking on doors!’ with our Christmas sleigh, gained us many friends who lined the streets with young and old happy, smiling faces waving to Santa; we received many wonderful comments on how everyone appreciated what we were doing to brighten up a truly dreadful year. We were delighted to raise over £12,000 which must now be spent wisely. As we emerge from the pandemic, we realise many people in our community have supported our work and would like to assist with our future projects or events.

Our new approach to welcome new members

We are always keen to welcome new members to Rotary, but fully appreciate that formal membership of a club may not be right for some people at this time.  The style of Rotary has changed a little since Captain Sir Tom Moore became a Rotarian, but not as much as it needs to, which the current generation of club members, many of who are now retired, are the first to admit.

One of the few benefits of the pandemic has been a sense of coming together locally in ‘looking out’ for others and perhaps an acknowledgement that we now see a wide range of key workers’ from a different perspective.

We believe Rotary now stands on the cusp of reinventing itself, changing its outlook and presenting an opportunity to a generation who had previously not seen Rotary as an organisation they would want to join.

We remain hopeful that Rotary will remain in Gedling Borough for many years to come, so we particularly welcome interest from those would-be pioneers of a new style of Rotary, perhaps people in their 20’s, 30’s or 40’s who would prefer the freedom to enjoy Rotary, work and socialise with like-minded people but without the traditional elements of weekly meals and formalities.  A taster as a ‘friend’ may lead to a new alternative style of Rotary in the neighbourhood!

If you think you could offer us some of your time and support and indeed, expertise if applicable, please click on the Friends tab above!

What you’re signing up for

A ‘friend’ of Mapperley and Arnold Rotary Club is an adult who is not a member of the club but is interested in what we do; following us on social media or is one who could be willing to assist us, along with others, in several ways towards a particular project.

On our behalf, ‘friends’ are also alert to opportunities or needs which could benefit deserving individuals, good causes across or within a specific part of the locality or institutions such as schools, care homes, other community or charitable groups or businesses with the potential for mutual support.

The motto of our organisation is Service above Self ---helps us to enable our community to thrive and look after each other, particularly helping those in need of making our neighbourhood a better place to live. Please have a look around our website and if think you might like to give us a try as a ‘friend’ please click here or email us at MandArotary@gmail.com.

We will acknowledge your interest and email a form for you to fill out as far as you feel comfortable in doing so. We will, of course, unregister your details as soon as instructed by you if that is your wish.

News and Updates

Supporting local schools in literacy projects

Mapperley and Arnold Rotary Club are supporting local schools in literacy projects. Here President Chris Lyons is at Arnbrook Primary school where we have presented dictionaries to year 5 and 6 pupils. They keep these in school and are used every day in class. When they leave in yr 6 they are taken with them.
It was great to see our work in action and realise that we do make a difference. Teacher Christine Davies led a challenge between children and adults to find words in the dictionaries. Children won 2-1. Not only could they find the words they could explain what it meant and give examples of how it was used.


Amazing £881 for Alzheimer's Society by Rotarians

In March, nine intrepid Rotarians each walked 10 km around the hills and fields surrounding Calverton. It was a perfect day for walking; so much so that two of our walkers decided (unintentionally) to walk approximately 15 km!. CO-VID safety guidelines were followed by all. Thanks go to Glenn Turner for providing a refreshments station with social distancing. Appreciation also to Jill Gratton and Terri Beale for providing walker support. They raised an amazing £881. This was due to the generosity of our community and fellow Rotarians. All of this went to the Alzheimer's Society.

Well done to the following walkers: Chris Lyons, Richard Shacklock, Richard Pannell, Peter Radford, Tony Storey, Dan Mackdermott, Neil Stevenson, David Gratton and Terry Beale. We are always looking for new members, so if activities like this appeal to you and you would like to join us, please get in touch by click here


Christmas Charity appeal updates

Just an update to you all following the tremendous Christmas Charity appeal which we raised over £11,000 to go towards deserving and good causes.
So what have we been doing with this money. We have most recently been working with local schools to help with raising literacy skills. Arnbrook Primary school pupils have been given dictionaries funded by us which have been used in class. Also further funding was used for buying specific books.  We also are working now with Robert Mellors school helping with online learning for the children. We hope to work with more schools in the area.
Also money has been donated to Emmanuel House (homeless charity) and our on going project looking after the gardens at Hayward House. We have been involved in many projects over the years both local and some international and we will keep you up to date with what we are doing with your money.

Hayward House Project

Locally, we have continued to work with Hayward House, Nottingham City Hospital in developing their gardens. Our aim is to create a beautiful area for patients and families sit and find peace and tranquillity in their difficult and challenging times. Please click here to read more. This audio-visual presentation provides a tour and highlight the great work the Rotary Club of Mapperley and Arnold, led by Richard and Jan Shacklock are doing in transforming the grounds to a peaceful garden. If you are interested in getting involved in this project either by financial assistance or in any other way, please contact us.

Mapperley & Arnold Rotary Club activities in photos

Current and ongoing projects

Eco -Greenhouse project

On June 5th 2018, five Rotarians from Mapperley & Arnold Rotary Club completed the Eco Greenhouse project at St. Wilfrid’s Primary School. The project was a joint enterprise with the teachers, pupils and parents.








Outward Bound 2018

April 2018 saw the 19th year club has supported the Outward Bound project, in total sending 230 UK students and 130 Dutch students on the week long residential course, Aberdovey Wales.

Gedling Memory Café

The Gedling Memory Café is run by the Alzheimers Society and supported by Mapperley and Arnold Rotary Club since 2012. Several Rotarians help as registered volunteers, welcoming clients and their carers, making drinks, listening to groups, helping with games and activities. For more information please click here.

Rotary Year Theme

Each Rotary year, Rotarians all over the world offer their services to a common theme. This Rotary year's (2021-2022) theme is to be a Serve to change lives."Through Rotary, we can take these gifts and make a genuine difference in the lives of others and in our world". If this sounds like something you would like to be part of, why do not contact us or come along to one of our events.

Our activities in Photos

Upcoming events

Please click here to for our upcoming events.

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